Excessive Force

Excessive Force

A comix anthology against thepolice, featuring 19 exciting new and up-and-coming graphic artists this is an comics anthology against the police.

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Police everywhere, justice nowhere

Whether drawing on personal experiences or imagined stories about modern policing one theme runs through: a shared view of brutal, oppressive policing. Policing that does more harm than good, and a system which hinders, rather than encourages freedom of expression. Or more simply put: acts like an Excessive Force.

Profits from Excessive Force will go towards FITwatchand the Legal Defence and Monitoring group both of whom work towards ending police repression.

Featuring work by: Stephanie McMillan, Ken Dahl, Scott Smith, Edd Baldry, Jimi Gherkin, and many others, they all artfully present their take on the police, with a fine mixture of humour, tragedy, anger and optimism.


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