Post Regiment, Death Before Metal

Post Regiment, Death Before Metal

The demos they didn’t want released! And the early ones are pretty rough! But its kinda nice to hear the progression they made from the rough stuff to the near perfect punk rock outfit they became! On Pasazar.

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1. Mrok (demo 88)
2. Nigdy (demo 88)
3. Dlaczego (demo 88)
4. Kolory (demo 88)
5. Post (demo 88)
6. NS (demo 88)
7. Wielki las (demo 88)
8. Skóra (demo 88)
9. NW (demo 88)
10. Ołówek (demo 88)
11. Faruś (demo 88)
12. Wstyd (demo 90)
13. NR (demo 90)
14. Anioł (demo 90)
15. Wariat (demo 90)
16. Banshee (demo 90)
17. 01.45 (demo 90)
18. Słowa o… (demo 90)
19. Religia (demo 90)
20. Słodka 16-latka (demo 90)
21. Kolory (demo 90)
22. Hello (demo 90)
23. To my (demo 90)
24. Outro (demo 90)
25. Death Before Metal (live 1988)
26. Ołówek (live 1988)
27. I love you (live 1988)
28. Faruś (live 1988)
29. Sheena is tank rocker (live 1988)
30. Nigdy (live 1988)
31. Wielki las (live 1988)
32. Skóra (live 1988)
33. NW (live 1988)


“Loved because of original voice of female singer Dominika Domczyk. Original in Polish punk in view of using drumla and poetic, deep texts.”

Post Regiment were a Polish punk rock or hardcore punk band. They formed in Warsaw in 1986.

In the early days, Post Regiment had a much slower pace and more conventional singing style with vocalist Darek “Tolek” Gracki. By 1987, he left and Dominika “Nika” Domczyk took over on vocals. The band developed a faster, melodic punk sound by their 1992 self-titled first album.

Their second album, Czarzly, was released in 1995 and adopted a faster crust punk sound with rawer vocals and d-beat-style drumming.

Their final album, Tragiedia wg Post Regiment (which means “Tragedy According To Post Regiment”) was released in 1998 on Profane Existence records in the USA and Skuld releases in Europe. It was an album of hardcore punk songs by the Polish band Tragiedia, longtime friends of Post Regiment who broke up without ever putting out a record.

Post Regiment had a fairly unique sound in hardcore punk, with some unusual elements like melodic singing, Eastern European modes, instrumentals and the occasional synthesizer. The band broke up in 2001, although they still practice from time to time.


* Jarek Smok Smak - guitar (1986-2000)
* Rafał Rolf Biskup - bass guitar (1986-2000)
* Darek Tolek Gracki - vocals (1986-1989)
* Maksymilian Max Gralewicz - drums (1986-2000)
* Dominika Nika Domczyk - vocals (1989-2000)
* Janek Cybulski - guitar (1989-2000)


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