Instant Girl, Post Coital

Instant Girl, Post Coital

Instant Girl were a punk / riot grrrl band from San Francisco active in the mid 90s. They were Todd, Karin and Dominique, who all had played in Spitboy earlier. The full-lenght CD Post-Coital was released in 1996 on Allied Recordings.

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Spitboy was an all-female punk band formed in the early 1990’s in the San Francisco Bay area. They played heavy mid-tempo punk with strong feminist lyrics, and were much respected in the anarchist/crust scene at the time. Personally, I could take ‘em or leave ‘em. After vocalist Adrienne Droogas quit the band in 1995, the other three members continued under the name Instant Girl. They released one CD entitled Post-Coital in 1996 on Allied Records. I think I’m in a minority opinion on this one, but I greatly prefer this stuff to the Spitboy material. It features strong discordant vocals from all three members, and gets surprisingly poppy and eclectic in spots. It also features the type of feminist lyrics typical for riot girl acts at the time, but without the dogmatic preachiness that marred many similar bands. As far as I can tell this CD was their only release, and they broke up shortly afterwards.

1. Bomb Pop 
2. Euphemized 
3. Blame on the Ass 
4. Go Fish 
5. American Double Standard 
6. Explosives 
7. Naked 
8. Party 
9. Coruscate: She Lacked the Frivolity of Americana 
10. Roller Derby 
11. Monkey Wrench


Instant Girl: Post Coital-What to say about a band, and album, that reaches into your heart and gives it a good shake, then sends the after-shocks straight to your head! I love this straight forward femmenistic attitude. It cracks open an undeniable reflective journey in a young womans tortured past. To all you guy's don't turn away just yet, Post Coital has a few things to offer to you also. Ever wonder what it's like, in the mind of a woman who is shockly real? Pick up this album and listen, it will satisfy your thirst. It gives newness to thoughts of political and sterotipical views of femminism in todays society. It will change the way you look at not just women, but poeple in a surreal and different nature.