INRI Demokracja CD

INRI Demokracja CD

Political Polish punk

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The fate of Inri and NNNW crossed for over a decade. When we released the debut CD of the World Alliance and the Witch, also reached us another demo with saws - in this very early recordings of the group. But it was a long time and a lot of publications (both with the stamp NNNW and those branded Inri) later crossed our paths - first at a concert, and then, from word to word - and more importantly - to the acts occurred and the effect of new CD titled "Democracy".

If we wanted a catchy slogan can be summarized them as "Polish Propaghandi." The melodious compositions rooted somewhere in the best of times Bad Religion ( "No Control" and "Suffer"), determined though unclichéd texts (which surprisingly is not frequent today) and of paying off on this material experience - are the main advantages Pila group.

A peculiar flavor are also a surprising cover of Israel, and unleavened concert Poleczka "Lipka".


The band was formed in INRI Pile (western Poland), in a very large musical traditions.

Team since its inception game sharp and rapid, dynamic yet melodious music, roots firmly inherent in the old point rock traditions.

INRI texts are heavily involved politically deal with the widely understood social issues, social injustice, stupidity Polish political elite and the dark machinations of the Church, as well as loneliness and problems of unit

The band has recorded many CD releases MC and, most important are: 
"One Hall of Dreams" - 1993. ed. QQRYQ 
"Futur" - 1995. ed. KORNICORE 
"INRI- live" - 1996. Ed. KORNICORE 
"Nights and Days" - 1998. ed. Rock'n'Roller 
"The voice on the fundamental" - 2003. ed. PASSENGER REC.

Many works have also been released on compilations in Poland and abroad.

The band played many concerts and festivals both in Poland and abroad, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and a lot of concerts in Germany.


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