Pesd, Politikarepoizonekurvae

Pesd, Politikarepoizonekurvae

Pesd is made up of ex members of Polish punk rock royalty and shows it.

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This new studio project brings together two long-serving names from the Polish punk/hardcore scene. Smoku, guitarist of the band Post Regiment and Amoniak singer of the well renowned old Warsaw punk act Tregedia. The album itself is an inventive amalgam of styles, with a driving hardcore at its core. Also crucial to the picture are an array of studio effects, repeating sound patterns, keyboards, samples and a general willingness to add as much experimental colour to the recording as possible. Largely the whole thing works, as it avoids the need for over intrusive metal riffing, in its place adding atmospheric studio effects. The result is a strangely attractive fusion of psychedelic colour, industrial darkness and consistently solid hardcore. With hints of Killing Joke, Discharge, New Model Army and even the more spacier Hawkwind ‘Politikarepoizonekurvae’is an album that rapidly destroys any preconceptions about Polish hardcore. Truly cutting edge, forward thinking contemporary punk complete with strong anti-statist lyrics and an inferno of ideas and imagination. 


Powerfully colliding stripped down hardcore with an updated version of the offbeat cold wave/new wave fusion of classic 80’s Polish punk, PESD (Post Extreme Stress Disorder) pull no punches in harsh vocal attack, pounding rhythms and searing hook-laden rockin’ hardcore riffs. The fast tracks tear with inventiveness and all-out furor of the best of international hardcore records, then keyboards and early industrial sound effects come out in the mid tempo songs to cast the record in a dark, near-gothic light, still retaining the aggressive urgency and mood. An inventive and powerful collaboration project between the guitarist of Poland’s Legendary POST REGIMENT and the singer of the equally legendary TRAGEDIA, 


PESD is a new studio project formed by Smoku and Amoniak. Smoku was guitar player of Post Regiment and Falarek Band, who was the one responsible for their sound. He was also working in Zlota Ska?a recording studio (owned by Robert Brylewski - guitarist of Kryzys, Armia), where many of the most influential Polish punk records in the 90's (including Post Regiment albums) were recorded. Amoniak was a singer of legendary warsaw band Tregedia (their songs were re-recorded by Post Regiment on their 3rd full length "Tragedia wg Post Regiment). This record consists of 14 songs with heavy influence from old Polish punk sound from the 80's. You can surely hear Smoku in the guitar parts and harmonies, and harsh and fast Amoniak's songwritting. There is a definite Post Regiment touch in it, but also parts remining Deuter, TZN Xenna, Dezerter and even first Siekiera recordings - maybe because of the harsh and powerful Amoniak's vocal. Production is really good and complex, you can hear a lot of studio effort put in it, while it is not overprodused - it has the punk harshness...


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