"powerful, heavy and driving hardcore punk with 2 guitars and mixed vocals leaded by strong and angry female vocals. You can compare their sound to Tragedy, Wolfbrigade etc. "

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This band from Olsztyn (with personal connections to UTOPIA) is around since quite many years, even released demo CD-R few years ago, but during all this time they had several personal/style changes. Now the line up is stable and they built their own sound - powerful, heavy and driving hardcorepunk with 2 guitars and mixed vocals leaded by strong and angry female voice. You can compare their sound to Tragedy, Wolfbrigade etc.,  not just another clone neo-crust band.


Oryginalnie Edelweiss Piraten było nazwą antyfaszystowskiej grupy dzieciaków w wieku 14-18 lat działającej w Niemczech w czasie drugiej wojny światowej. Rzucili/ły szkołę, wystąpili z Hitler Jugend, walczyli/ły z nazistami ale organizowali/ły tez obozy i imprezy z gitarą i własnymi piosenkami. Po ulicy chodzili/ły w grupie co było również zabronione:) Edeweißpiraten były z założenia mieszanymi grupami i w żadnym wypadku tylko chłopięcymi. Właśnie w tym sie różniły od hitlerjugend, gdzie istniała segregacja. Niektóre grupy EP składały się nawet w 50% z dziewczyn i w niektórych miały one przewódcze role. Przyłączały się często też dlatego, bo nie chciały pełnić ról, które naziści przewidywali dla kobiet. Swoich akcji nie traktowali/ły jako ideologicznej wojny. Uważali/ly po prostu, że Hitler niszczy ich życie i wolność wiec chcieli/ły się z tego wyrwać. Prawie wszyscy zostali za to zabici. 


Ten olsztyński zespół gra już od kilku ładnych lat, wydali nawet swego czasu CD-R, ale przez cały ten czas przechodzili przez różne zmiany personalno/stylistyczne. Od kilkunastu miesięcy sytuacja się ustabilizowała i EP grają sporo koncertów w kraju i za granicą, no i wreszcie przyszedł czas na debiutancki krążek. Znajdziecie na nim 12 kawałków zaangażowanego, motorycznego hard core punka z wiodącym mocnym żeńskim wokalem uzupełnianym męskimi głosami. Gęsta muza oparta na 2 gitarach z licznymi smaczkami i akcentami, zwolnieniami i charakterystycznymi melodiami, przypomina to trochę klimat Tragedy czy Wolfbrigade, ale w lżejszej, bardziej punkowej wersji, bez silenia się na mrocznego neo crusta. Wpada w ucho.



Where did the name come from?


The origins of the Edelweißpiraten can be traced to the period immediately prior to World War II, as the state-controlled Hitler Youth was mobilized to serve the state, at the expense of the leisure activities previously offered to young people. This tension was exacerbated once the war began and youth leaders were conscripted. In contrast, the Edelweißpiraten offered young people considerable freedom to express themselves and to mingle with members of the opposite sex, whereas Nazi youth movements were strictly segregated by gender, the Hitler-Jugend for boys and the Bund Deutscher Mädel for girls. Though predominantly male, the casual meetings of the Edelweißpiraten even offered German adolescents an opportunity for sexual experimentation with the girls that tagged along with every group. The Edelweißpiraten used many symbols of the outlawedGerman Youth Movement, including their tent (the Kohte), their style of clothing (the Jungschaftsjacke), and their songs.

The first Edelweißpiraten appeared in the late 1930s in western Germany, comprising mostly young people between 14 and 18. Individual groups were closely associated with different regions but identifiable by a common style of dress with their own edelweiss badge and by their opposition to what they saw as the paramilitary nature of the Hitler Youth. Subgroups of the Edelweißpiraten included the Navajos, centred on Cologne, theKittelbach Pirates of Oberhausen and Düsseldorf, and the Roving Dudes of Essen. According to one Nazi official in 1941, "Every child knows who the Kittelbach Pirates are. They are everywhere; there are more of them than there are Hitler Youth... They beat up the patrols... They never take no for an answer."

Although they rejected the Nazis' authoritarianism, the Edelweißpiraten's nonconformist behaviour tended to be restricted to petty provocations. Despite this, they represented a group of youth who rebelled against the government's regimentation of leisure and were unimpressed by the propaganda touting Volksgemeinschaft ("people's community").

During the war, many Edelweißpiraten supported the Allies and assisted deserters from the German army. Some groups also collected propaganda leaflets dropped by Allied aircraft and pushed them through letterboxes.

Apart from gatherings on street corners, the Edelweißpiraten engaged in hiking and camping trips, defying the restrictions on free movement, which kept them away from the prying eyes of the totalitarian regime. They were highly antagonistic to the Hitler Youth, ambushing their patrols and taking great pride in beating them up. One of their slogans was "Eternal War on the Hitler Youth"


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