PANACEA "Humanity is heading for nowhere"

PANACEA "Humanity is heading for nowhere"

Noisey Eastern Polish crew

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The Eastern part of Poland gave birth to quite a few great acts during last few years. This part, often described as "Poland B" (in contrast to more wealthy parts of the country), seems to have an ideal climate for more angry, passionate acts. A coincidence?

This band's debut LP was published by Sadness Of Noise, now we finally puit out the CD version. Being compared to Madame Germne, Ekkaia and French screamo stuff may give ou a hint, but check yourself that they shall need no comparisions -
MRR said:
"This Polish band incorporates TRAGEDY / HIS HERO IS GONE-style low-end plunging and modern new-school hardcore elements--stop 'n' start from slow pace into full-throttle speed to quiet interludes. It's all delivered with precision and is somewhat similar to BURST with darker, crusty-tinged overtones from the distortion-laden tooth of the recording. Hoarsely spewed vocals with bleak lyrics in English underline the dark overtones of guitar work that drives the songs, progressively leading through long, multi-part compositions, while the transitions from fast blasting to expansive low-end plodding to quiet emo-ish melodic interludes serve the dark, poetic, personal lyrics. Layout is similar to a CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION record--computerized fonts at angles in a minimal grayscale composition. Solid. (KS)" (Maximumrocknroll #311)


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