Doom, Doomed from the Start, The Demos' Album

Doom, Doomed from the Start, The Demos' Album

Almost all Doom's demos on one CD, from 1987, 1988 and 1992.  Doom pioneers of crust.

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If you are a Doom collector then you should get the POW benefit CD as the Doom track on that was missed off this CD  due to lack of space!


1 Relief1:23 
2 Slave To Convention0:59 
3 Fear Of The Future1:50 
4 A Dream To Come True1:18 
5 Exploitation1:42 
6 Beat The Boss1:42 
7 Obscenity1:22 
8 After The Bomb1:31 
9 Terminal Filth Wimpcore Killer1:35 
10 Life-Lock1:33 
11 A Dream To Come True1:10 
12 Circles0:44 
13 Black Monday1:34 
14 Sold Out "Scene"1:53 
15 Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)1:28 
16 Agree To Differ4:32 
17 Diseased1:11 
18 Nazi Die2:03 
19 Police Bastard1:31 
20 Reality0:48 
21 Worthless Nothing2:01 
22 Happy Pill1:41 
23 Trash Breeds Trash2:19 
24 Dropout4:04 
25 Dig Your Grave1:56 
26 No Justice2:56 
27 Canvas Of Lies


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