Autonomads, No Mans Land CD

This lot play a mix of ska, dub, punk obviously very politically minded. Good stuff. 

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Comes in a card wallet, 9 tracks - Exactly the same as it was in 2008 minus the hessian case!!! Pressed by
Active Distribution (UK)
Mass Productions (FR)
Active Rebellion (UK)


A review of the first pressing said this


It's great to see DIY is still being kept alive by bands like The Autonomads. This release comes in a hand-folded A3 poster inside a hand-sewn hessian bag with a hand-numbered tag showing which one of the thousand pressed you've got. Impressive enough before you even get to the content. When you put this much care into the packaging, it's a pretty good bet you'll put some serious effort into what's inside too. Having seen the band live before picking this up I know they do exactly that when they plug in and turn on, and the CD doesn't deviate from the script.


This is tight and energetic punked-up ska with a decent splash of dubby sauce. It's set off perfectly with some nice upfront sax and crowd-pleasing singalong choruses. The lyrics are a mix of the personal and political, not too dissimilar to the creative wordplay favoured by Dick Lucas, which is exactly how it should be. Packed into the backroom of a pub with this lot on the stage gets the dancefloor hot n' sweaty very quickly. Grab this release and chances are you won't be able to resist a quick skank when you put it in the CD player too (although that's not so advisable if the CD player is in the car and you're driving).


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