Poundaflesh , Manifesto CD

Poundaflesh , Manifesto CD

A collection of all studio releases from 2000-2003 by this band comprised of Varukers and Concret Sox members.

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A collection of all studio releases from 2000-2003 by this band comprised of Varukers and Concret Sox members. Raging punk rock (as you'd expect) with a very late 80's UK hardcore sound, comparable to later Ripcord and... well... the Varukers and Concret Sox!

"Totally unknown to me, POUNDAFLESH dish up a healthy dose of kinda simple, but always swift, straightforward and entirely urgent, wholly pissed off hardcorepunk which consists of a gruff singer who spits out gallons of venomous poison. This blistering album, that was recorded between 01 and 03 and features 16 astonishing funerals in 37:31 minutes of destruction, is worth every cent of your hard earned cash for sure!!" - Eyewitness #62 

Never Too Late/Obscene Display/Manifesto/Poundaflesh/Crucify/Big Brother/Shut The Fuck Up/Cry From The People/Loser/No Consent/?????/Paedophile/The Pendulum/Fat Cat/Bless The Press/Father.


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