FOB "...ako ne možeš napraviti sam bar pokvari drugome..."

FOB "...ako ne možeš napraviti sam bar pokvari drugome..."

FOB or Fakofbolan are one of the longest running and best Croatian punk bands.

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11 tracks, 38:54 min

Pula punk rock band FOB, full name Fakofbolan, which recently filled the majority of existence, also is one of the most enduring and popular punk bands in the region. 
Songs from previous albums over the years have become a constant repertoire of local punks, sung in unison with the band at numerous concerts.

On publication of a new, fourth studio album called "... if you can not do I wish to spoil each other ..." We waited for 10 years since the release of the album "The Province Strikes Back", immediately after which the band went into a state of stagnation by the time they get through reaktivizaciju in recent seasons emerged with a series of sold out concerts and usviraniji than ever, at the same time working on new material.

In recognition of FOB's style is not much doubt; still sing about things which to them peculiar way criticize the negative balances in today's society, the songs that the majority of fans reaching its peak in the 'sing-a-long "choruses, all packed together in a combination of" street "punk rock and" melodic "hardcore style. What we are here to announce the far the most mature and best album isproducirani Fakofbolan, with brilliantly worded and delivered punk poetry. 
From "the Province ..." was the same band members, composed of breath (vocals), Tibor (guitar), Djuro (bass) and Dejo (drums). The production of the fourth album by a renowned Pula producer Eddie Cukerić, shooting him technicians Ivo-Đivo and Marko Bolković in local studio "Partyzan", mixed Thomas Maraz and Bojan Pahljina, technicians studio RSL Production from Novo Mesto, while the entire process completed London Streaky Mastering .

On the album are various guests, respectively: Semi (ex Naked Eggs) on guitar, Leon Brenko the "keys", and friends Frua, Masks, Đaje, Danilo, Roso, drumsticks on vocals. To design the cover art are responsible Borut Skok (design) and Jacob Suran (layout). 
In conjunction with the festival New Age, an integral part of the LP release the strip in which various domestic and foreign comic artists illustrate one song from the album. In making comics participated: Johanna marcade, Veljko Onjin, Igor Duck Hofbauer, Wostok Sanja S., Bernarhda Xilko, Miroslav Lazendić, Goran Dacheva, Mihael Milunovic, Radovan Popovic, Draft, Vanco Rebac, Katie Woznicki, Dunja Jankovic, Anna Ehrlemark . In addition as a supplement to the LP, comic will also be available as a special edition. 
After the release of the album in digital format was followed by the premiere of the first video for the song "always or never?". It is the first animated music video Fakofbolan's, the development of which is signed by Jelena Oroz and Ivan Košutić, who actively engaging animation graduate studies animated film at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. 
The album contains 11 songs in just under 40 minutes and from 1 November 2013, it can be in digital format available through the new official website of the publishing label