Squattus Ex Machina compilation CD

Squattus Ex Machina compilation CD

A Compilation Celebrating The 5th Birthday Of Villa Squattus Dei 2000-2005 
+CD-Rom part: Pictures, Press, with translations (of Dutch written booklet)

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1Niets Raakt KantKlein Klein Krakertje
2Counter-AttackNo Gods, No Martyrs
3Intestinal DiseaseSquattus Grind
4Le Trio PerduJewish Wedding Song Played In A Greek Way
5Far To CloseOne Way
6The Usual Suspects (5)Remote Controlled
7Mutual AidThe Atlantic Wall III
8Repression O.D.2000 Years Of Inhumanity
9Ulrike's DreamMetallic Introduction To A Life Of Destruction
10Gert PunkIn Deze Wereld
11PNBeing In Love With Life
12Detritus (5)From You
13MucusChanson Populaire
14SkamuraimunchiesGet Free
15Shadow GateLucas The Chronic
16Tod PoleOrganised Religion
17The Sedan VaultPretorians
18Rats (2)Voice Of The Voiceless
19Visions Of WarNot A Second Time (Corpus Christi)
20HellfillerWhere Credtir Is Due Part Two - Reprise Of Intended Extended Version


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