PLEBANIA - Na północ CD

PLEBANIA - Na północ CD

Polish punk with a difference!

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Indian punk rock on the new album Plebani. 

Four years told us to wait Rectory on his new album. However, anyone acquainted with the material "North" will confirm that it was worth it. 
Hailing from Hel presbytery is one of the most original phenomena Polish underground. Their music is difficult to classify, energy-mix of punk, reggae vibrations and, above all, the original voice of the North American Indians, whose culture Rectory is a tireless advocate. 
His original, but attractive style presbytery enlist an audience both on reggae festivals (which certify regulars Bielawski Regałowiska, Winter Reggae, the festival "Thou shalt not kill") and folk events. - Although he admits the band itself - is closest to the atmosphere of a small punk club, when it is "crowded, stuffy and sweat runs down my back." The most lazy, thanks to the album "North" feel the atmosphere without leaving your seat. 
Vicarage celebrated last year its first "10 years without a guitar." It is unique, quite difficult to believe that their sound is based only on the rhythm section, which is treated drums and melodic bass and przeszkadzajkach. Despite limited resources effect can surprise color, climate, carbon monoxide and catchiness. "Texts" are sung in an imaginary language singer of the band, but very easy to catch them readable keywords. The more that on the cover of the new album Plebania posted guidelines meanings of individual pieces. Although hard to believe - in these songs is the punk mesydż. 
Tracks Rectory though inspired and stylized Indian folk do not reflect any particular style or transformation of authentic motifs on the needs of the team with the exception of military songs Kiowa, in the author's version of the band's drummer - Peter Many of the Winds. 

1. ARHONADA                 
2 IROQUOIS PUNK SONG                 
3 MEHENE                 
4 Khal-MAAN-DO                 
5 to the north                 
6 CSF 'S INTER-TRIBAL SONG                 
7 CHOCHOU                 
8 Tunk                 
9 MANDALA                 
10 ULOO-KHA-WEY                 
11 Tamm                 
12 AHARTA                 


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