Piloophaz, Nature morte CD

Piloophaz, Nature morte CD

French political rap/hip hop artist on Maloka Label

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Piloophaz is originally from Saint-Étienne , in the department of Loire 1 . His stage name comes from the bipolar character of Chroniques de la Lune Noire 2 . He began his musical career in 1997. He became a member of the collective La Cinquième Kolonne with Fisto, Warwik, Arom, Defré Baccara and DJ O'legg between 1998 and 2003, notable for their album Derrière nos feuilles blanches 1 . Within the group, Piloophaz recalls that "speaks in its name and not on behalf of [his] possee 3 . "

After the separation of the group, Piloophaz launches into self-production and collaborates with the heavy metal band Twist 2 (interludes on Being , living and dying ), this one appearing back in ghost track on some albums. In 2005, he published his third solo album, Nature morte 1 , which contains 16 songs 4 . In 2007 he founded with Flokon the group Golem of Flesh (with the respective names Eciton Kahn and Zija d'Arkandes) for an atheist concept album titled Les carpentiers . In the same year, he created the Skyzominus label in reference to Skyzo Starr and released Skyzominus Arcanes Book 1. In 2008, Piloophaz published his compilation Moisson tardives 2 . In 2009, he teamed up with the American rappers of Mind Mechanics for the release of EP Allied Forces 5 .

In 2015, he participated in the compilation Du bon son vol. 2 with the production of the song RATM of Loco Rodriguez 6 .


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