Squidboy Kids Talk To Killers CD

Squidboy Kids Talk To Killers CD

An Allied Recordings release

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Tim, Eric, Jeff, and Ray started a band a long, long time ago and name it Squidboy. Made a tape. Ray "quit". Introduce Craig. Recorded a CD in a "studio". Got signed to Allied Recordings, a real life record label. Hit the road. Played some shows, drank more beer. Got home. Jeff "quit". Introduce Roly. Recorded some more stuff that nobody heard. Played more shows across the land that nobody saw. Got real jobs. Some got married. Some had kids. Don't play as much cause were old and we cant stay out that late anymore. BUT if you do happen to come to a show we promise to bring it from start to finish...even if you're the only one there. Oh and bring us on that one.