Burial, Never Give Up, Never Give in

Burial, Never Give Up, Never Give in

German hardcore band, well liked by those into Japanese hardcore etc.

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From Aversiononline;

Here are 12 tracks from this German hardcore/punk band that would probably just as soon have you believe they're Japanese with the way the vocalist garbles his shouts and the band adds subtle tinges of dual guitar rock to their approach (Even though I think they only have one guitarist?). I don't necessarily mind the recording, but I'm certainly not convinced that it's the best sound for this material. It honestly comes across to me as though they're forcing themselves into a dated sound, what with the relatively thin mix and all, even though the music they're playing doesn't really call for that style of production values. Sure, you can tell there are some classic influences at work here, and these guys aren't trying to revolutionize hardcore/punk, but truth be told the bulk of the musical influences seem a little more contemporary to me - comparable to a rawer and less over the top Tragedy or something of that nature. So, yeah, a heavier guitar tone and more of a pulsing low-end presence (admittedly the basslines are great and the bass tone is dead on, it just needs more volume) would damn sure benefit these songs a hell of a lot, especially because I think these kids write some kickass tunes. "Nothing Left to Die" opens with a succinctly dark intro that quickly flirts with some 70's sounding twin guitar work and actually does have more of a classic metal kind of sound to its chord progressions, whereas "Concrete Delusion" follows and takes more of a driving hardcore/punk stance to ensure that the listener not get the wrong idea. "Failure" is among the more rocked out and melodic tracks, and its midpaced strut is actually pretty damn memorable, I have to say, and I also really dig the dissonant little chord phrasings and such; but "Barracks" then returns to form with a more D-beat sounding approach that keeps things fast and intense with some harsher backing vocals to boot. The dual guitar work in "Among the Fools" definitely comes closer to hitting on a NWOBHM kind of thing than it does elsewhere; with "Immortal Will" coming across as a little more straightforward in terms of rocked out hardcore/punk with simplistic lead lines and song structures, while "Freedom" closes out the disc with one of the faster and similarly more direct attacks. The layout uses lots of high contrast illustrations and a minimal color scheme with very little text on the outer packaging, including all of the lyrics inside with one killer looking band photo that all sort of carries the same traditional aesthetic. Most of the lyrics basically deal with the quest for freedom, often in terms of the feelings of frustration or being trapped that come along with it: "Every day is like another, Another game I will not win, Another role I don't fit in, Seems like it's never ending, This is one way, the road of failure, This is one way, an endless odyssey..." Not bad. Quite good, in fact. Hopefully the band will settle into their own sort of niche with future efforts since there are a few elements that sound like they're trying a little too hard this time around, but the bottom line is still that the songs are damn good. I like it.