Polish Hardcore

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Heat summer 2010 did not use special heads of a few guys who have experience in playing hardcore, punk and metal, they decided to create a musical hybrid, which even under the gun can not be said that this is the soundtrack for a holiday. Former and present members of several Warsaw teams (Government Flu, Drip of Lies, Daymares, Coalition, Sunrise, Born Anew to name a few) have created music sullen, angry and dirty, drawing on the achievements of the masters zasyfionego playing the previous decades (of Born Against and Rorschach, by Entombed and Neurosis, Converge and the Cursed). Bitterness and frustration was enough to immediately created a full-size material that consists of 9 (actually IX) pieces - sometimes dołująco is slow and sometimes fast and furious. The same hot summer pieces have been recorded in several studios in Warsaw, and no one knows anything soon afterwards decided to spend debut Cast In Iron in vinyl and CD format. In parallel with the appearance of the plate band announces its solid WSPR concert.