Andy fiction, The Futures History cd

Andy fiction, The Futures History cd

Uk based politico HC crew from 2006

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It would be pretty easy to rattle off a list of bands that Andy Fiction either sound like or are heavily influenced by. Rise AgainstJets Vs Sharks and The Mercury League are but three…and while it’s maybe lazy, it’s certainly a pertinent point. Andy Fiction do very little that we haven’t heard a tonne of times before. However, the difference is that Andy Fiction do it very well indeed – and so can be forgiven for often wearing the influences on their sleeves.

‘The Future’s History’ is six-tracks of socially aware punk rock with a slight political leaning. There’s a rage in the vocals and as the guitars scythe through a sway of bass and drums, yet the band maintain a poppy edge that will stand them in good stead as they take these songs across the country into a live setting. If I did have a gripe their punk rock politics are a little on the obvious side, and while they don’t go down the patronising (or hypocritical) route that another band with the initials AF seem to have trademarked, there’s only so often you can stomach a band singing about globalisation and the rights and wrongs of political apathy. Still, the music thankfully speaks for itself and Andy Fiction are well worth checking out.

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