Subhumans, Still Can't Hear the Words

Subhumans, Still Can't Hear the Words

A compilation of Subhumans covers by mostly Hardcore bands that have no idea but some good ones shine through, afterall its difficult to mess up such great material!

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If there's one enduring quality about punk rock its its endurance. 23 years since 1976 and despite the recent re-capitalisation of punk by The Man (contract killer of taste in the name of profit), the majority punk attitude is still one of co-operative DIY deconconstruction of the status quo and the promotion of alternatives to mainstreamlined existence - whereas most ideologies linked to music are as short lived as the tunes involved, punk is still a vehicle for self expression, on a level above and beyond needing media attention to survive. It's ideology was built on a basic refusal to conform, and anyone could get involved. This attitude has inspired sustained and outlasted thousands of tunes (and bands) and has led to changes in peoples lifestyles far beyond what music is the flavour of the month.
As for this collection of Subhumans songs, resurrected from 80 - 85 and dealt with as each band here sees fit (go on, mess 'em up!) I reckon you've got a (insert latest streetwise adjective) selection of tunes, a clue as to what the Subhumans were about, several clues to which bands are worth checking out further, and as good a reason as any to get involved / get more people involved!

(Dick Lucas).


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