We have been making button badges (25mm / 1 inch diameter) since the late 80's. Some folk may dismiss badges as mere trinkets or fashion accessories but we believe they can be a great way of communicating how you feel about things.

So how to have Active make badges for you.....

For those of you who want to make up the badge sheets yourselves and maybe print them out to please read this carefully. 

Each badge is 25mm wide but the artwork must be in the middle of a 33mm circle.

The actual design needs to be no more than 23mm wide or we can not guarantee it will be on the front of the badge! (Some designs look good with the image "going off" the edge of the badge.) 

Its important to print out the 33mmm circle on the master sheet, we must be able to see it! but the 23 and 25 mm circles need not be visible as they are layout guides only!) 




11 - 49 ARE 25P EACH, 

50 - 99 ARE 20P EACH 



* (Benefit / political campaign groups (ones we like!) can get badges at 12p each per 100)

(If you send us all the print outs for the number you want the cost will be 12p each)!




As you can see from the image it's possible to lay out 40 badge designs on a sheet of A4 paper.

We do black print / photocopy on white or coloured paper inc. dayglo colours !

You can email jpeg us your design, send as large size image, 240dpi+, if you want us to check it out first and or print it out too. If you want us to "sort out" your design to suit badge size then just send us the clearest version of the image you have and we'll sort it out, for an extra £1 (this usually means the badges end up looking better, in our opinion).

Contact us first to check it all out or get a quote;

It usually takes about 10 days to do the badges once we've got the designs and money, but we're not gonna guarantee that! Oh and by the way, we'd love to know who we're making these designs for, so tell us abit about your band, group or campaign!




Our Paypal account is;



Jon & Marta Badgemakers since 1989


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