Hysteria *6 Eruption

Hysteria *6 Eruption

This issue's theme is Eruption!

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HYSTERIA is a periodical and a platform for feminist activism. Without hysteric solidarity we are deluded by the composure of patriarchy.

HYSTERIA strives for radical openness by engaging in fluid critical dialogues that shake the guise of normalcy, which disables structures of oppression operating and thriving.

HYSTERIA is a collective born from juxtaposing and interlacing multiplicities of feminisms that react to histories of subjugation.

HYSTERIA believes in repudiating every instance of domination in all its manifestations, seeking to incorporate all struggles of the oppressed into our activism.

HYSTERIA aims to combat language that alienates marginalized peoples with whom we stand in solidarity.

HYSTERIA places these voices on centre stage supporting a spectrum of expression emphasizing those speaking in the first person.

HYSTERIA strives to expose power relations and the realities of exploitation, insisting on the equality of all through a continuous discussion on what equality entails. We refuse to settle on any rigid definitions.

HYSTERIA is critical towards the creation of illusionary binaries such as 'safe'/'dangerous', 'private'/'public' that take the emphasis away from the oppressive structure which HYSTERIA strives to expose. 

HYSTERIA knows that feminisms are for everyone, and not reserved for the privileged few. Feminisms should transcend and agitate all colonially imposed boundaries and borders.

HYSTERIA pleasurably challenges capitalism by documenting critical feminisms.

The feminist magazine that originated in Scandinavia and went global!

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Hysteria *6 Eruption
This issue's theme is Eruption!
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