The Cans Festival Stencil Art Street Battle May 2008

The Cans Festival Stencil Art Street Battle May 2008

This is a booklet/zine made for the Cans Festival 3rd 4th 5th May 2008 in London, titled "Stencil Art Street Battle" It is a 40 page A5 booklet featuring work by contributing artists including BANKSY, FAILE and DIRTY MARK, LOGON HICKS, COOLTURE, ALTOCONTRASTE, et al.

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This is a booklet/zine made for the Cans Festival 3rd 4th 5th May 2008 in London, titled "Stencil Art Street Battle" It is a 40 page A5 booklet featuring work by contributing artists including BANKSY, FAILE and DIRTY MARK, LOGON HICKS, COOLTURE, ALTOCONTRASTE, SCHHH & OSCAR WILDE,EXTRACTS FROM AN ARTICLE BY HENRY PORTER, RUBY PURCHASE, TOM CIVIL, DAVE EGGERS, M-CITY, ROADSWORTH, BRIAN HAW, SIMON MUNNERY, RUN DONT WALK, JOHN GRIDER, PENNY RIMBAUD, GEE VAUCHER, SAM 3, DANIEL MELIM, ADAM BLOOM, INQUISITOR STANLEY DONWOOD, PURE EVIL, JIM CAREY, PICTURES OF WALLS (pow), JOSH, FILTHY LUKE AND A QUOTE FROM ANGRY BRIGADE COMMUNIQUE NO.13. We have a few brand new copies that we are sellig as a benefit for the London Anarchist Bookfair.


The Cans Festival London event was a full on street art exhibition that took place just three minutes from the London Eye on show over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend. With work on display from the likes of famous graffiti artist Banksy and others, the Cans Festival was a riot of colour and street style urban expression.

Covering a tunnel right next to Waterloo Station are hundreds of stencil works created especially for the Cans Festival exhibition which are still on show now. Bansky and 30 other artists have been busy creating works of urban art for this unsual show, transforming a piece of dull city landscape into a vibrant and exciting art gallery.

Located on Leake Street in SE1, the Cans Festival London exhibition is a chance for graffiti and art lovers to sneak a peak at a fabulous collection of stencil work. With other a whole host of other urban artists joining Banksy in having their work exhibited in this unusual location, you will find there is plenty of exiting new work to be seen on the street still to be seen.

Described as a stencil only exhibition, other graffiti artists were invited to contibute their work to the Cans Festival to make it a truly open and community based event over the Bank Holiday weekend. Making the art less about restrictive and sometimes elitist art galleries, and more about art on the street that means something to the people that see it everyday, the exhibition was an opportunity for any urban artists who are into stencilling to add their work to the collection.

Whether you are a secret Banksy style graffiti artist or someone who appreciates the humour and political nature of street art, the Cans Festival London event should certainly be on your exhibition list.

Artists that took part in the Cans Festival at Leak Street were Bsas Stencil, Run Don't Walk, James Dodd, Tom Civil, Vexta, Prism, Daniel Meli, Altocontraste, Bandit, Roadsworth, 3D Del Naja, Artiste-Ouvrier, Blek, Sten, Sadhu, C215, Lucamaleonte, Lex, Orticancvoodles, kaagman, Dolk, ccPobel, M-City, Vhils, Btoy, Coolture, Schhh, Borbo, Sam3, Faile, Eine, John Grider, Logan Hicks, Pure Evil, Dot Masters, Dan, Eelus and of course Banksy.

If you fancy seeing who added their own stencil creation to the Cans Festival exhibition, simply turn up at Leake Street find out whose work is on show alongside Banksy's.


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