Family Man, CD

Family Man, CD

 Both albums by those crazy Berliners. Passion and fury driven "archaic" hardcore. And incredible live act! Asian tour planned for summer 2011. Watch out!. Totally *golden* sleeve digipak, both albums (26 songs), 12 pages booklet.

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O rany - kolejni... Tak sobie pomyślałęm, gdy pierwszy raz zetknąłem się z tą nazwą. Ile można słuchać klonów Black Flag i to jeszcze z tak bezmyślną nazwą.
Zweryfikowałem tą krzywdzącą opinię gdy ich zobaczyłem na żywo. Muzyka - wiadomo - broni się świetnie na żywca. Natomiast to co oni wyprawiali, ze szczególnym wskazaniem na wokalistę - było niesamowite. Wciągnęło mnie. 
Rzeczywiście - jak sami piszą poniżej - bardziej to przypomina momentamio Los Crudos niż Heńka z kolegami.

FM wybierają się właśnie na trasę do Azji, mam nadzieję, że jesienią 2011 pojawią się również w PL.

Na tym CD znalazły się 2 dotychczasowe albumy berlińczyków.

"FAMILY MAN have been formed after I listened to a lot of post-My War Black Flag and wondered why there are no bands playing the slower and heavier brand of hardcore punk. We had just split up with my former band ALLIANCE, and I had moved to Glasgow where I started ATOMGEVITTER. Then I moved back to Berlin and asked Machine (the bassist in ALLIANCE) to start a new band. Michael Lampert joined in on drums and Harald von der Hasenheide was recruited for bass. Originally I wanted to sing like Rollins but sounded more like Martin from LOS CRUDOS, so I was nicknamed Henry Crudos by my friend Tommy. We didn't want to repeat mistakes we did in former bands, such as dragging out the time before the first gig or the first tour, so we quickly played a first gig (with THE FIGHT), and a second one in Berlin, then went straight on tour in the UK. From then on it was as much touring as possible. We recorded our first album at the practice room, mixed it ourselves and off we went. For the second LP we wanted to save time and have better sound, so we went to Robin from THE NOW-DENIAL, who's a genius.
It took me some time to get accustomed to singing without a guitar round my neck. But there ya go...
We really enjoy playing together, and just hanging out with each other. The band's an amalgamation of influences and ideas about punk rock, and we departed from the Black Flag idea early on, but I think we created our own style. I hope it's interesting music and inspiring lyrics. I don't like to play boring rip-off shit, or listen to it."


CD tracklisting

s/t LP 2010:

1. Templateers
2. Fear Of The Void 
3. Our Jazz 
4. Nothing 
5. Balls On A String 
6. The Turning Of The Key 
7. Family Man 
8. Left For Dead 
9. Para No. 1d: Think Again 
10. Binhead 
11. Positive Outlook Family Man Style 
12. Leaving On An Awkward Note

s/t LP 2008:

13. Tir-N’An-Og Will Be Covered In Ice Tonight 
14. I Wanna Be A Surfer Jock 
15. A For Animal 
16. Annotated Psychography
17. Hypocrite Hands 
18. 44 Is Halfway There 
19. Family Man 
20. Primer Mundo, Ja! Ja! Ja! 
21. ... And Jobs For All
22. Pig Champion
23. Burial Time
24. Leavethecountrygosurf 
25. Break The Truce

Nikt Nic Nie Wie 2011




It is interesting finding out what peeps on the other side of the world are doing in regards to keeping shit real, releasing music heaps DIY and attending all underground events to see bands that we have never heard of. I thought I would catch up with a dude from a German DIY hardcore outfit called Family Man to speak with their main dude, founder, writer etc Mr Henry Crudos.

Tell us about the band, How long have you guys been around?
We formed around the end of 2005 when I came back from Glasgow, my head full of nonsense and later BLACK FLAG. At the time (up in the UK at least) the latest fad was fastcore/thrashcore, and I couldn't think of any band that played more rocking/slower/heavy hardcore. So that's what we went for, pretty much straight after the recipe at the beginning but developing our own style before soon. The only band I've ever seen that were halfway comparable to what we do was DEPRESSIVE STATE from Saxonia, sadly split-up now. Lyrics are about everything I take an interest in, some political stuff, some societal things, some fingers-giving, little nonsense. Our 2nd album (still hot) was semi-concept cos I wrote a lot of lyrics about religion, its institutions and philosophies for that. Apart from that we try to tour as much as we can. Getting harder with more and more kids between band members, but we cope nicely, methinks.

What is the best thing about the German DIY punk scene?
The best thing is that there's a well-developed network of DIY bands/promoters/venues around, so it's really easy to play gigs in Germany. Usually, the standard treatment you get as a band in these venues is excellent as well: free bevvy, sleeping places, petrol money, food. There have been a considerable number of venues closing down/squats being evicted though, and that's shit. The worst thing about the German DIY scene is that sometimes it feels really stale, people are over-saturated and unwilling to contribute. Plus, there are few really original bands around, so sometimes things get a bit boring.

Who is Germany's best Grindcore band and why?
My grindcore horizon ends beyond NAPALM DEATH and TERRORIZER. Well, okay, PIG DESTROYER, and a few more on the bill as well. I wouldn't be able to tell. I hear that CYNESS are really good (they're nice laddies anyway), but I wouldn't be able to judge.

Where do German DIY bands look to for their influences?
Haha, definitely the past rather than the future, sadly. You get some good and loads more bad copies, and some merely influenced bands in every imaginable "style" of music, from d-beat to power violence to old school hardcore to doom to whathaveyou. Regionally, the usual suspects as well: US and Scandinavia mainly, I'd say, a little Brit stuff as well, but mostly in the wrong vein. I'd like to see more proper COCK SPARRER-y Oi! bands with good lyrics and attitude, and many more SCATHAQUARANTINE or SCUNNERED rip-offs, please!

What do you find to be a necessity to bring along when touring?
1 long novel, 1 non-fiction book preferrably of the rock biography type, a small pillow, a toothbrush. The rest is freestyle.

Can you tell us a bit about your label? They seem fairly established?
Our label is BEHIND THE SCENES RECS from Berlin really, which is run by our friend Loewe. He's released both our albums on vinyl and put a lot of trust in us when we just got together. Not that he has ever regretted it, haha. NIKT NIC NIE WIEhave just released our two albums on one CD. They're one of the longest-running DIY labels in Poland and have just celebrated their 20th anniversary. They released tons of really cool bands in Poland, mostly on tape. So, at least on paper, we're now labelmates with the likes of HERESYMDCSEDITIONLOS CRUDOSUNHINGEDHIS HERO IS GONE,CRASSSUBHUMANSPOST REGIMENTHARUM SCARUMBIALA GORACKA. How cool is that? They also release some of the best Polish punk bands of today, such as THE FIGHTGOVERNMENT FLUKNIFE IN THE LEG and NEXT VICTIM. Michal is a cool chap, and again he put some trust in us by releasing this thing, which we're very happy about. We've played in Poland quite a bit and plan to go back again this year and many times to come cos we love the Polish punks.

Is punk dead?
Sure is, thank fuck we're corpse-grinding cannibals!

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