Your Life is Your Life Deluxe Poster

Your Life is Your Life Deluxe Poster

We all have those days, on the verge of surrendering to what feels like an indomitable force fighting against our every effort—that's the perfect occasion to look up at a wall and read these words of encouragement. Artwork by Nikki McClure, cut from a single piece of paper using an x-acto knife, poem by Hank.

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Crimethinc say of these posters; "We created these posters as an ongoing fundraiser because in contrast to our standard posters, which are designed for public wheatpasting and have to remain affordable to teenage vandals, oversize posters are a sort of luxury. We made them accordingly luxurious: they’re truly enormous (fully two feet by three feet), printed on durable, high-quality, recycled, matte-coated paper, and we mail them rolled up in a poly bag secured inside a poster tube to keep them in pristine condition.

If you’re looking for a durable poster to put up in your classroom or kitchen, or if you simply want to help us keep going, these are for you. Even as a benefit, they’re still cheaper than anyone else would make them; and you can get a much cheaper price by ordering in quantity, so perhaps they can serve to raise funds for your infoshop or literature distribution as well."


Active got a bunch of these in and most of them had been damaged in transit. We have sorted out those that we feel are in "as almost good as new" condition and offer them here at a discount price. They will be sent out in a cardoard tube.


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