Maximum Rocknroll *336 May 2011

Maximum Rocknroll *336  May 2011

MRR #336 features Japanese hardcore ragersKRIEGSHÖGSteve Ignorant and MRR writers on the “Last Supper” tour, TEARGAS from Australia,TANTRUM from Japan, London post-punkersHYGIENE, Syracuse, NY’s SHOPPERS, author and publisher Chris Walter , our old friends ADRENALIN ODSPASTIC PANTHERS from Canada, and aHungary scene report.

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It’s in! The May 2011 issue of Maximum Rocknroll #336 has hit the stands and
it is not to be missed! We have interviews with powerful Japanese hardcore
ragers KRIEGSHÖG, STEVE IGNORANT of Crass explains his motivation for his
controversial recent solo tour in which he plays Crass material in spite of
resistance from some of the members and fans of Crass, TEARGAS from
Australia give us some insight about their imagery and the drive to make
their style of hardcore, Japanese band TANTRUM delve into what it is to be a
punk in Japan and the motives behind playing Italian style thrashcore,
London’s disjointed, aggro  post punkers HYGIENE, SHOPPERS from NY discuss
their politically tinged melodic pop punk, punk author and publisher CHRIS
WALTER keeps it gritty, old schoolers ADRENALIN OD and ’80s style hardcore
SPASTIC PANTHERS from Canada. We have an article on CRASS COMMERCIALISM
representing some of the arguments regarding the seemingly paradoxical
nature of Steve Ignorant’s tour and the message of Crass and a great
Hungarian Scene report covering “Defekt punks.” All of this plus the massive
amount of record reviews, news and columns!


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