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Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention


A tension. By Wolfi Landstreicher

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A Tension in Practice. by Wolfi Landstreicher

A revolution capable of destroying all domination and exploitation will have to be based on the self-organised struggle of those who suffer domination and exploitation. We are among those exploited and dispossessed individuals, but as anarchists we come to the struggle with more than the need for an immediate improvement of conditions. We also have specific ideas about how the present world functions, and desires and dreams of a fundamentally different world. Thus, our participation is an intervention aimed towards the revolutionary destruction of the social order and the creation of a new world based precisely on principles of self-organisation.


Introduction: a few definitions and explanations

Autonomous self-organization

Anarchist intervention

Some Historical and Current Situations

Italy 1970’s

Spain 1976–1979

Comiso, Sicily 1982–3

Albania 1997

Bolivia 2000 — present

Kabyle region, Algeria 2001 — present

Argentina 2001 — ?

Basilicata, Italy, November 2003

Wildcat strikes in Italy, Winter 2003–4

A few significant features

The Situation in the US

The absence of a social movement

Two examples of the problem