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End Time


Anarcho sci fi from Oakland USA!

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A, near-future thriller. Written in a slashing, evocative style, End Time has received rave reviews in underground and small press circles.

War and civil war rage across the former Soviet Union and much of the globe. Prosperous, competing regional capitalist blocs have been consolidated in Europe, North America and East Asia under transnational corporate leadership. The US is fighting a sophisticated, high-tech counterinsurgency war in southern Mexico, against a popular libertarian revolution claiming the tradition of Zapata. A military draft has been reinstated, and a strong antiwar movement flourishes on American streets. In Alabaster, a small town north of San Francisco, the novel’s protagonist, Greg Kovinski, and a group of antiwar college students, gain possession of enough bomb-grade riemanium to build a nuclear weapon, and the City of Oakland rises in revolution to become the 21st century’s Paris Commune.
“A compulsive readable thriller combined with a very smart meditation on the near-future of anarchism. End Time proves once again that Sci-Fi is our only literature of ideas.” —Hakim Bey, author of TAZ and Immediatism
“G. A. Matiasz has created a charged, political, and very readable novel in End Time, jump cutting P.O.V. from character to character, pulling the reader into the plot as each character, quick as a Polaroid, develops into a fascinating persona.” —Factsheet Five #51 

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