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Labor Law for the Rank and File


Labor Law for the Rank and File (Direct Action Legal Handbooks) by Staughton Lynd, Daniel Gross.
PM Press 2008

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A guerilla handbook for workers in a percarious global economy. Blending cutting-edge legal strategies for winning justice at work with a theory of dramataic social change from below, Lynd and Gross deliver a practical guide for making work better while re-invigorating the labour movement (US based).


As valuable to working persons as any hammer, drill, stapler, or copy machine, “Labor Law for the Rank and File” is a damn fine tool empowering workers who struggle to realize their basic dignity in the workplace while living through an era of unchecked corporate greed. Smart, tough, and optimistic, Staughton Lynd and Daniel Gross provide nuts and bolts information to realize on-the-job rights while showing us that another world is not only possible but inevitable.” –John Philo, Legal Director, Maurice and Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice

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