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Stir *9 Spring 2015


This issue focusses on the issues of Law and Social Change

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Articles include:
Commons Column: Michel Bauwens
Climate Column: Anna Grear
Bronwen Morgan — Legal Imagination and the Sharing Economy
Naomi Millner – Protecting or Policing Commons?
David Bollier — Beating the Bounds: Reinventing Commons Law
Gabrielle Simms — People’s Tribunals
Sam Kirwan — The Commons of Advice Work
Amanda Perry-Kessaris — Digital Legal Activism
Interview: Clive Stafford Smith (Reprieve, Human Rights Lawyer)
Isabel Carlisle — Community Charters
Shaun Chamberlain – The Law of the Land
Michelle Maloney — Earth Jurisprudence, Rights of Nature and Sharing Law

Featured artists:

Artists: Luke Carter, Laurence Ware, German Gullon, Mish Scott, Bethan MureAlex Powell, Gemma Cotterell, Tabitha Panter

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