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Strike! Magazine *15 March-April 2016


The new issue of Strike! enters a weird phase!

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This issue features; Maia Ramnath, xcenya kat, Danny Dorling, Joseph P Kelly, Sara Ahmed, Ria Hartley, Jaan Quadrant, Grace Wilson, Akwugo Emejulu, Sabah Choudrey, Tisha Brown, Black Dissidents, Soofiya Andry, Usayd Younis, Cassie Quarless, Pamella Araújo, London Latinx, NeverComeDown Comix, Francisco Galárraga, Rudy Lowe, Eva-Grace Bor


I did wonder if this issue was released on April 1st afer scanning through and finding an article titled “Anarchist, Feminist Muslim” but no this issue was just late getting to me! So maybe this is Strike pushing barriers for the sake of it, not something I’m against but having found the patience to listen to liberal islamic apologists stuffed full of self delusion and false conciousness on Radio 4, I was severly tested reading the rubbish in this article. 

Still we’ve been ignoring so called christian anarchists for long enough so maybe thats what we’ll have to do whenever we bump into Islamic anarchists at any future intersections!


Islamophobia, n. 1) The unspeakable act of pointing out that acts committed by Islamists in the name of Islam just might have something to do with Islam; 2) The ever popular mass participation sport of scapegoating and further victimizing an already victimized minority.

While both definitions are accurate, those who accept one will never accept the other. This provides an example of yet another popular American mass participation sport: rejection of reality.

Religion is stupid, and serves nothing but the perpetuation of the status quo in minds and systems (and sometimes it tries to drag us back to Dark Ages in terms of gender equality)

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