Bike Punx Badge 129

Bike Punx Badge 129

A badge for punx who ride bikes!

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"Bike Punx" by Divide and Conquer 
Trash the El Camino because the kids are ready to ride  
Go two-wheeled disaster! Shout it out: Bike Pride!  
Pissing every car off, We'll call them nasty names  
Extend the middle finger and ride in every lane  
Bike Punx!  
With freedom on our minds and wrenches in our hands  
fuck highway construction  
Let's go take the land  
We'll peddle through the cities  
this war-cry we will send  
when internal combustion meets the bitter end  
Bike Punx!  

"Bike militia" by Divide and Conquer 
U-locks by our sides, we're hitting the town  
Power-crazed motorist is gonna frown  
windsheilds, mirrors, kicked-in doors  
face down, eating street  
You know what for?  
We've had enough of you threatening our lives  
with wheels and steel and clouds of black  
Prepare to die! The Bike Mitilita has now declared:  
All Out Attack!  
Think of the millions who met their end  
smashed across the grill of a Mercedes-Benz  
The biking batallions are here to heal  
the four-wheeled disease: the automobile  
Nothing in the world could stop this rage  
Grovel! Cel-phone shattered. We want a  
Victory in blood. Pray to your lord  
Bring me the head of Henry Ford

These badges come in a variety of paper colours.


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