Lesbian Liberation Badge 133

Lesbian Liberation Badge 133

Lesbian Liberation a badge that harks back to the campaigns of the 1970's in the UK and US but still needs fighting for in so many places in this fucked up homophobic world.

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From Wikipedia;

Lesbian Feminist Liberation was originally the Lesbian Liberation Committee and a part of the Gay Activists Alliance (GAA). In 1972, when the members felt the GAA was not giving enough focus to lesbian and feminist issues, they left GAA and formed the Lesbian Feminist Liberation. The departure was coordinated by Jean O'Leary. The formation of Lesbian Feminist Liberation left the Ridcalesbians (RL) group with few members. The Lesbian Liberation Committee, and initially the Lesbian Feminist Liberation as well, met at an old firehouse at 99 Wooster Street in SoHo, the location was known as "The Firehouse."

These badges come in a variety of paper colours.