Subverting the Present (Werner Bonefeld, Ed)

Subverting the Present (Werner Bonefeld, Ed)

Imagining the Future: Insurrection, Movement, Commons

Following on the prior anthology Revolutionary Writing, this volume of essays in and about contemporary radical political theory is organized in three main parts.

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The first section centers on current debates about the concept of Primitive Accumulation, with contributions by the Midnight Notes Collective, Massimo De Angelis, Werner Bonefeld, Paul Zarembka and Mariarosa Dalla Costa.
The middle section examines aspects of subversion in everyday life, with essays by Stevphen Shukaitis, the Leeds May Day Group, Harry Cleaver, and Sergio Tischler.
The concluding section has case studies in national contexts — the United States, Mexico and Argentina — from George Caffentzis, Patrick Cunninghame, and Ana Cecelia Dinerstein, and a final essay by Nick Dyer-Witheford on the concept of ‘The Multitude.’

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