King Mob Echo: English Section of the Situationist International by Tom Vague

King Mob Echo: English Section of the Situationist International by Tom Vague

A speedy English Pop Revolution History lesson. Vague 31

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Sub-titled ‘English Section of the Situationist International’, Vague 31 is a collection of obscure (and now highly sought-after) and fascinating (mainly) British political counter-culture from the 1960s.

Reproduced, are ‘Rebel Worker’ (American anarchist publication), the legendary ‘Heatwave’ (1+2), and the near-mythical ‘King Mob Echo’ (1-6), with contributions from Chris ‘Leaving the 20th Century’ Gray, and other notables from the various pre-punk anarchist punk gangs of Britain, who put the ‘sub’ into ‘version’.

A rare glimpse at some of the radical political thinking that was to surface later in the Suburban Press, Sex Pistols, other works by artist Jamie Reid.


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