Spain Social Revolution Counter Revolution

Spain Social Revolution Counter Revolution

SPAIN 1936-1939: Social Revolution and Counter Revolution: Selections from the anarchist fortnightly Spain and the WorldSPAIN 1936-1939: Social Revolution and Counter Revolution: Selections from the anarchist fortnightly Spain and the World, now out of print.

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This volume of the Freedom Press Centenary Series contains a selection of original documents from the period 1936-39. These include first hand accounts of the constructive aspects of the revolution – the collectives in town and country, in industry, in public services and in agriculture; reports on meetings and demonstrations in favour of the Spanish workers’ struggle; verbatim reports of speeches made by the CNT-FAI ‘luminaries’ justifying their compromises in accepting government posts; appreciative statements by non-anarchists on the positive contribution by the Spanish comrades in the armed struggle as well as in creating a new society.

1. July-November 1936 in Spain by Max Nettlau
Social Aspirations and Achievements of the Spanish Peasant by Max Nettlau
19th July 1936 in Barcelona by Garcia Oliver

2. Collectivisation and Socialisation by Gaston Leval
The Social Revolution in Spain
Victualling Industry
Work of the Syndicates
Badalona Properties Collectivised Creation of a New Industry ‘Marathon Motors’
Collectivisation of Transport in Barcelona
Socialisation of the Wood Industry
Peasant Collectivity of Balsareny by R. Lamberet
The Sugar Refinary at Monzon by Pierre Ramus
Collectivisation in Graus Puigcerda by Robert Louzon
The collective of Prat de Llobregat
Three Collectivised Villages: Pobla, Sadrni de Noya by Camillo Berneri
Albalate del Cinca by Emma Goldman
The Agricultural Collectives Complete their Work

3. Who are the Spanish anarchists?
Tribute to Durruti
Pablo Casals Serves the Revolution
Emma Goldman’s Impressions
The CNT as I Saw It by Fenner Brockway
A Doctor in Aragon
Conditions in Catalonia by H. Metcalfe
Mr Attlee and the Spanish Anarchists
A Village in Aragon

4. Camillo Berneri’s Views on the Military and Political Situation
Open Letter to Federica Montseny by Camillo Berneri
Who has Betrayed the Revolution?
An answer to J.R. Campbell’s Spain
‘Left’ Critics
Our Task

5. The ‘Rising’ in Catalonia
The Press and the May Days in Barcelona
The Soviet Political Machine Its Designs on Spain by Emma Goldman
Packed Anarchist Meeting in Paris
The CNT Speaks
G. Oliver and F. Montseny in Paris
Barcelona after the Rising
Where I Stand by Emma Goldman
Treachert in the Rear Death of a Comrade: Francisco Gonzales Moreno Carlo Rosselli The True Anti-Fascist by A. Tarachiani
Callousness or Indifference by Emma Goldman
Political Undesirables
The CNT and its ‘Leaders
What was the Council of Aragon? Its Dissolution the Work of the Counter-Revolution
The Work of the Aragon Council
Defended Mariano Vasquez Speaking in Valencia
Joaquin Ascaso Speaks (on Aragon Council) Catalonia – An Answer to Comorera
May Days Recalled Interview with A. Souchy
The Unofficial Forces of Spain by Ridel
The POUM Trial Spain and the World by Max Sartin

6. Communist Party Opportunism …And as Seen by Nosotros (Valencia) The Spanish Anarchists Explain What is Good Propoganda?
Daily Worker and McGovern’s Pamphlet Who Was Right?
Asks Tierra y Libertad Communist Party Tactics
More Harmless Slogans
The London Press and the CNT by Emma Goldman
Emma Goldman and the Daily Worker
A Capitalist Paper ‘Sees the Light’ (Tornoto Star)
Langdon Davies: Mouthpiece of the CP


7 Programme Presented by the CNT to the UGT to Unify the Action of the two organisations
Programme Submitted by the UGT to the CNT as a Basis of Discussion
Programme of Unity of Action Between the UGT and the CNT
The Communists Oppose Collectives and CNT-UGTJoint Activity
Emma Goldman and the Alliance Proposals

8 Nearer to Reality by Herbert Read
Spain’s Refugees Must Not Be Forgotten
The Situation in Madrid
Facts About Central Spain
Did the Spanish Fleet’Desert’ ?
The International Brigades in Spain
Democratic Hospitality by Herbert Read
Two Poems by Herbert Read: A Song for the Spanish Anarchists inside front cover Lament for Spain inside back cover


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