Anarchism: a Marxist Criticism by J. Molyneux

Anarchism: a Marxist Criticism by J. Molyneux

John Molyneux, socialising socialist, takes the resurgence of autonomous protests to task - and tries to beat anarchist thought over the head until the only thing left is Marxism. *♫

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"In May 2011 thousands of students and workers occupied squares in city centres across Spain, inspired by the Egyptian Revolution. There followed occupations in Athens and protests around Europe. They were one example of a resurgence in movements influenced by anarchist or autonomist ideas. Molyneux welcomes these movements but argues that anarchist ideas contain fundamental weaknesses. Anarchists and Marxists may share the same goal of an equal, classless society, but the crucial question any activist must answer is how do we get to that world from this?" - abridged summary from the back of the book.

The best way to work out how to explain yourself is to hear critiques of your own position. If you like the ideas behind anarchism and mention the word in conversation - then you'll need to be prepared to answer the questions this book asks. - wheels *♫


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