Anarchism - A Documented History of Libertarian Ideas - Volume Two

Anarchism - A Documented History of Libertarian Ideas - Volume Two

Anarchism: A Documented History of Libertarian Ideas
Volume Two: The Emergence of the New Anarchism (1939-1977)
Robert Graham, editor

"Robert Graham's extraordinary anthology proceeds with this remarkable installment, displaying as never before the creativity and originality of anarchist thinking" - David Goodway

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Continuing where Volume One left off, this anthology of anarchist writings--broad in its geographical and intellectual scope--documents both continuity and change in anarchist ideas since the Spanish revolution and civil war.

Topics covered include anti-capitalism and global justice movements, opposition to war, ecology and anarchism, the relevance of syndicalism, libertarian communism, anarcha-feminism, personal and sexual liberation, libertarian education, participatory democracy, direct action and affinity groups, technology and freedom, anthropology and anarchy, art and the utopian imagination, bureaucracy, state and empire, resistance and revolution, post-modernism, and philosophical anarchism.

In addition to English language material from England and North America, the book includes translations from Africa, India, China, Latin America, and Europe, much of which has never appeared before in English.

Contributors include Noam Chomsky, Murray Bookchin, Emma Goldman, George Woodcock, Marie Louise Berneri, Herbert Read, Alex Comfort, Martin Buber, Paul Goodman, Carole Pateman, Colin Ward, Paul Feyerabend, Pierre Clastres, Chaia Heller, Ivan Illich, Daniel Guerin, Luce Fabbri and many more.