Earth First! Direct Action Manual, Third Edition

Earth First! Direct Action Manual, Third Edition

A comprehensive "how to" mess up the business of enviromental destruction.

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The Direct Action Manual contains 300+ pages of diagrams, descriptions of techniques and a comprehensive overview of the role direct action plays in resistance—from planning an action, doing a soft blockade, putting up a treesit or executing a lockdown; to legal and prisoner support, direct action trainings, fun political pranks, and more. The DAM has been compiled and updated by frontline activists from around the US to help spread the knowledge and get these skills farther out in the world. 



STAYING SAFE, p. 8 Security Culture, p.9 Electronic Security, p. 21 Eco-Liberation, p. 27 

HOW TO DO IT, p. 32 Anatomy of an Action, p. 33 Research, p. 43 Scouting, p. 48 Communications, p. 52 Action Media, p. 57 Action Legal, p. 64 Know Your Rights, p. 71 Prisoner Support, p. 83 

SOUND OF THE POLICE, p. 88 Police Intimidation & Torture Tactics, p. 89 Yo! What’s with the Cops? Understanding Police Tactics, p. 95 

GROUND BLOCKADES, p. 100 Soft Blockades, p. 101 U-locks, p. 105 Cobra Link Motorcycle Locks, p. 109 Chains and Cables, p. 110 Lockboxes, p. 111 Superboxes, p. 118 Bracelets, p. 121 Barrels, p. 123 Batmobiles, p. 128 Sleeping Dragons, p. 132 Tunneling, p. 137 

AERIAL BLOCKADES, p. 138 Aerial Blockade Evictions, p. 139 Tripods, p. 141 Bipods, p. 152 Monopods, p. 158 Cantilevers, p. 164 Skypods, p. 168 Tree Entry, p. 175 Treesits and Platform Rigging, p. 181 Rigging Traverses and Internets, p. 192 

CLIMBING BASICS, p. 196 Climb Training Orientation for Beginning Ascending, Descending and Traverses, p. 197 Anchoring, Rope Strengths, Physics, and other Technical Insights, p. 210 Moving Mountains, p. 222 

A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY, p. 228 The Art of Holding Space, p. 229 Backwoods Actions, p. 238 Cat and Mouse, p. 244 Hunt Sabotage, 246 Direct Aid as Direct Action, p. 249 Action Camps, p. 252 

YOU’RE GONNA LOCK TO WHAT?, p. 256 Banner Hangs, p. 257 Billboard Occupation and Alteration, p. 260 Rail Blockades, p. 265 Ship Blockades, p. 271 Helicopter Blockades, p. 273 Tin Foil Hats, p. 275 

DOUBLE DARE YOU, p. 278 A Paperwrencher’s Toolbox, p. 279 Making Life Hell, p. 286 Pranks, p. 291 Paint Bombs, p. 296 Misc Deviltry, p. 299 





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