Cured Quail Vol 1

Cured Quail Vol 1

A new publishing project of critical theory, 2018

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Cured Quail is a new journal of critical theory that takes seriously the aesthetic, social and conceptual problems of illiteracy. However, illiteracy is not meant here in the customary sense of simply being unable to read or write. Rather, Cured Quail poses the question of illiteracy as that which hinders fully experiencing the words on a page, the patience required by an idea, or the particulars expressed by a work of art. For this, Cured Quail's essential starting point is to presume that the journal is unlikely to be read. This presumption is also the journal’s line of inquiry: how and under what social circumstances has the practice of reading collapsed? We contend that the compulsions of inattention pervade society as a whole and emaciate cultural experience. Cured Quail is concerned with discussions on culture, philosophy, political economy and modern and contemporary art, featuring critical essays, reviews, polemics, interviews, and other formats. Contents of volume 1:

• Prolegomena to any Future Editorial 
• Like Sand Through an Hourglass: These are the Days of our Lives by Zachary Dempster 
• Taking Comfort in Society: The Sociologization of Art and its Contents by Chris Crawford 
• Do We Live in a Society of the Spectacle? by Paul Mattick 
• Iconoclastic Idolatry: Speculations toward an Image of God, the Meaningful Process-Marks of Labor, & Purposefulness without Purpose by Jeffrey Schultz 
• Agree to Disagree by Eric-John Russell 
• Virtual Experience by Christoph Hesse 
• An Olympian Stretch: An Unbalanced Tandem between Martha Rosler and Ben Morea transcribed by Veronika Zhizhchenko

Reviewed by Marx&Philosophy here


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