Let's destroy work, let's destroy the economy

Let's destroy work, let's destroy the economy

Alfredo Bonanno. Ardent 2019

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The old work ethic has disappeared along with the massive obsolete structures of capital which required a permanent army of producers, yet work still has far more implications than mere survival. Millions of people still compete for the privilege of turning up day after day, year after year, to surrender body and soul in exchange for a wage. The alternative: to encounter ones real desires and create the means required to realise them, could present some surprises and lead to undreamed choices. A job, boring or arduous as it might be, is the easy way out. It gives structure to our day and puts order in our expectations, giving us just enough in our pockets to acquire instant sublimation and quell any sudden surge of hatred towards what is stealing our time and our lives. Translated by Jean Weir, this Elephant Editions classic is made available again.

Table of Contents


Let's Destroy Work

Let's Keep Our Feet On The Ground, Please

Space and Capital

Self Management

Involuntary Aspects of Voluntary Work

Restructuring Capital and New Democracy

No More Crises

Quality and the Factory

Streamlined Production

A Little Man in Singapore

The Ethical Bank

Unemployment in Italy- How Come Everything Doesn't Explode?

A Million Jobs

Farewell to Claiming

The Significance of an Insignificant Event

World Domination in a Few Words