Seaton Point, A novel by Curtis, Dellar et al

Seaton Point, A novel by Curtis, Dellar et al

A multi-author novel of sex, violence and damnation based in Hackney!

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An inner-city tale of magic, mayhem and gratuitous sex scenes. Weird and twisted events are taking place in Seaton Point, a 22-story block of apartments in East London. It becomes a beacon for the disturbed, the deranged and the disenfranchised. Something evil lurks in the basement, while upstairs, a guru forms a scum army from the dregs of society to wage war with the dark forces that threaten to engulf the tower. Sheriffs, bricklayers and transsexual vampires all get drawn into the struggle as the tale surges towards its apocalyptic climax of demonism, anarchism, alcoholism and punk rock. A multi-author effort from seven of the finest young punk rock bards in England.