Why Work?

Why Work?

Arguments For The Leisure Society, includes essays by William Morris, Kropotkin, Lewis Mumford, Cliff Harper, Bertrand Russell, Colin Ward etc. The 2016 version with a new intro by Nina Power.

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Why Work is a provocative collection of essays by writers from the 19th century through to today, dissecting work, its form under capitalism and the possibilities for an alternative society producing for our needs, rather than mere avarice. It posits the question — why do some of us still work until we drop in an age of vast automated production, while others starve for “lack of work?” Where is the leisure society that was promised?

ISBN: 978-1-904491-25-5

In this edition…

Preface by Nina Power
In Praise of Idleness by Bertrand Russell
Useful Work versus Useless Toil by William Morris

Tyranny of the Clock by George Woodcock
The Problem of Work by Camillo Berneri
The Art of Shovelling by Ifan Edwards
Measuring Misery by John Hewetson
The Wage System | Peter Kropotkin
“Who will do the Dirty Work?” by Tony Gibson
The Dominant Idea by Voltarine de Cleyre

Reflections on Utopia
Collectives in Spain by Gaston Leval
Significance of the Self-Build Movement
Leisure in America by August Heckscher
The Other Economy as a Social System by Denis Pym
Visions: Drawings by Cliff Harper

Freedom newspaper editorials (1958-62)

Punks and Joblessness by Colin Ward
Beyond an Economy of Work & Spend by Juliet Schor
Dark Satanic Cubicles by Claire Wolfe
Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber
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