Submission Hold, Waiting for another monket... Cassette Tape

Submission Hold, Waiting for another monket... Cassette Tape

Submission Hold's blend of political content, abrasive hardcore, memorable song writing, and awesome vocal power fits perfectly with Ebullition. These nine songs are complex and diverse, yet very catchy and powerful.

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The lyrics on this release are written in English and Polish.


The first ful length release from these Canuks who can't play Hockey, footbal, swim or even table football! but thankfully they do creat some fine sounds and booklets too!


Submission Hold's blend of political content, abrasive hardcore, memorable song writing, and awesome vocal power fits perfectly with Ebullition. These nine songs are complex and diverse, yet very catchy and powerful. The thick booklet features art, writings, and lyrics in English, German, Spanish and French. One of the better releases that Ebullition has ever released, and one of the best bands currently playing shows in North America. Inspiringly honest hardcore from Canada's west coast.



When they came through Tulsa it was a great event, one of the last great hardcore shows from my youth, Submission Hold playing in the park blowing minds in only the way they can. Much of their set was pulled from their yet to be released first full length LP,Waiting For Another Monkey..., making it all the more important for me to get a hold of the record. If for anything else the droning call and response of "deadpan" was one of the most intense moments i can remember, the band itself almost doubled over their instrument as if they were about to collapse at any second. When i finally did get a hold of the full length, i was in heaven, each track as good as i had remembered it being in the park, if not even better, as the production was very clean showing off the little flourishes they had added in studio.
Submission Hold called it quits a few years ago and while i may not be up to date on their final
releases, Waiting For Another Monkey To Throw The First Brick is a classic rife with all the politics these canadians could muster. Straight up BC rage in your face.




Formed in 1993, Vancouver agit-punk band Submission Hold is now in its second decade of creating and disseminating provocative sounds and challenging dialogue. Fusing experimental punk sounds with free-improv, eastern folk, chamber music and radically political lyrics, Submission Hold has created a style all their own. Dubbed "post-genre" by Pop Matters magazine, Submission Hold has often been held in the same regard as bands like Fugazi, Sonic Youth and legendary Dutch noise-makers The Ex. Over the past eleven years Submission Hold has played in more than twenty countries, as well as every major Canadian city and many more smaller towns along the way. While maintaining the core group of vocalist Jen Throw-Up, guitarist Stephen Flach, bassist Andy Healey and Kenton Loewen on the drums, they have made many musical collaborations over the years. One long standing connection is with U.K. based flutist Kirsten Elliott. Elliott first appeared in 1997 on Submission Hold's "Progress ( if survival mattered)" and is featured live and on record with the band, when her busy schedule permits. Other notable collaborations have been in the guise of the band's improvisational alter-ego, The Din. The Din is pure improvised music and tends to make rare appearances on Submission Hold tours. While retaining a DIY spirit, The Din has played with such internationally renowned players as the American percussionist Gino Robair (Tom Waits, John Zorn, Splatter Trio), local Vancouverite Ken Morrisson (Robert Reigle's Surrealestate) and in Aalborg, Denmark the group was honoured to be led by the avant guard Dutch conductor Gert-Jan Polderman, to name just a few. Submission Hold has over 15 official releases. Their music and ideas have been released on their own label, Allium, as well as the Goleta, California based Ebullition Records, England's Flat Earth, Civolentia Violenta from Argentina and Radio 1, a record label from Melbourne, Australia. Their records have also been re-released on small, independent labels from Indonesia to Poland to Brazil and many places in between.


Submission Hold were a collective band that exist out of Vancouver, British Columbia. They play music that could be categorized as punk or hardcore punkbut have diverse influences, such as jazz, and do not play orthodox, traditional punk. The bassist wrote the zine "I'm Johnny and I don't give a fuck". They are also known for touring with their small child, Samwise.



* The Buzz of a Buzzless Situation (1994 - Cassette), Independently released

* Insult to Injury (split with Mexican Power Authority (1994 - 7"), Released by Submission Hold with Break Even Records

* As We Live Our Lies (Insult to Injury) (1994 - Cassette), Independently released

* Veterans of the Cola Wars (1996 - Cassette), Independently released

* Kamikaze Quagga (1996 - 7"), Independently released

* Garlic for Victory (1996 - 7"), Hopscotch Records

* Progress (as if survival mattered) (1997 - CD), Allium Records

* Unnatural Disasters (split with Sake) (1997 - LP), Hopscotch Records

* Flag + Flame = Fun (1997 - 7"), Farmhouse Records

* Waiting for Another Monkey to Throw the First Brick (1998 - LP/CD), Ebullition Records

* Split with Red Monkey (7"), Radio One

* Sackcloth and Ashes (LP/CD), Ebullition Records

* What Holds Back the Elephant (2005 - LP/CD), G7 Welcoming Committee Records