Occupy Comics *1

Occupy Comics *1

The first issue of OCCUPY COMICS by Alan Moore, Molly Crabapple, David Mack, Ben Templesmith, David Lloyd, Art Spiegelman, many more.  The largest coalition of socially conscious comic book creators since ever.

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Synopsis: This star-studded political anthology features Alan Moore (Watchmen, V For Vendetta), David Lloyd (V For Vendetta, Aces Weekly), Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), Art Spiegelman (Pulitzer-winning Maus), Molly Crabapple (Shell Game), Matt Bors (Pulitzer-nominated political cartoonist), Mike Allred (Madman), Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), J.M. DeMatteis (Justice League, Spider-Man), Tyler Crook (Petrograd), Joshua Hale Fialkov (I, Vampire), Joe Infurnari (Mush!), Ales Kot (Wild Children), Dean Haspiel (American Splendor), Douglas Rushkoff (media theorist), Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier, Swamp Thing), Matt Miner (Liberator), & the project’s organizational spearhead Matt Pizzolo (Godkiller).

*All revenue received by organizers/creators (past hard costs) will be donated to various Occupy-related initiatives.*


Occupy Comics
Cover price: $3.50
Creator: Matt Pizzolo, organizational spearhead.
3 issues, 48 pages each

Occupy Comics – issue 1 credits

Cover: Mike Allred

1. illustration by Charlie Adlard

2. “Homestead”
Joshua Hale Fialkov – writer
Joseph Infurnari – artist

3. illustration by Molly Crabapple

4. “That Which Is Most Needed”
J.M. DeMatteis – writer
Mike Cavallaro – artist

5. “Exploitation: Our Noble Tradition”
Douglas Rushkoff – writer
Dean Haspiel – artist

6. “Citizen Journalist”
Ales Kot – writer
Tyler Crook – artist
Jeromy Cox – colorist

7. illustration by Guy Denning

8. illustration by David Lloyd

9. “Clever” by Ben Templesmith

10. “Occupy Shadows” by Ronald Wimberly

11. “Casino Nation, part 1″
Joshua Dysart & Kelly Bruce – writers
Allen Gladfelter – artist

12. cartoons by Matt Bors

13. “Buster Brown At The Barricades, parts 1 & 2″
Alan Moore – writer
edited by Hannah Means-Shannon

14. “Channel 1%”
Matt Pizzolo – writer
Ayhan Hayrula – artist

15. illustration by Art Spiegelman

Production Artist: Vincent Kukua

Organized by Matt Pizzolo, Aaron Colter, Steve Niles

Occupy Comics – issue 2 credits

Cover: Riley Rossmo

1. illustration by Molly Crabapple

2. illustration by Anna Wieszczyk

3. “The One Percent Solution”
Mark Sable – writer
Megan Hutchison – artist
Thomas Mauer – letterer

4. illustration by Zoetica

5. “New Thumbs”
Si Spurrier – writer
Smudge – artist
Frank Barbiere – letterer

6. “Single Family Home”
Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon – writers
Joe Ruff – artist
Adam Geen – colorist

7. “Light”
Matt Miner – writer
Sean Von Gorman – artist

8. illustration by David Mack

9. “Casino Nation, part 2″
Joshua Dysart & Kelly Bruce – writers
Allen Gladfelter – artist

10. illustration by Salgood Sam

11. “Buster Brown At The Barricades, parts 2 & 3″
Alan Moore – writer
edited by Hannah Means-Shannon

12. “How To Be Happy” by Shannon Wheeler

13. cartoons by Matt Bors

14. “Pay Attention! Be Astonished! Act!”
Bill Ayers – writer
Ryan Alexander-Tanner – artist

Production Artist: Vincent Kukua

Organized by Matt Pizzolo, Aaron Colter, Steve Niles

Occupy Comics – issue 3 credits

Cover: Charlie Adlard

1. illustration by Molly Crabapple

2. “A History of Nonviolence”
Caleb Monroe – writer
Theo Ellsworth – artist

3. “Occupy” by Mark L. Miller

4. “Detective Warlock, Warlock Detective”
Zane Grant & Brea Grant – writers
Jonathan Spies – artist
Adam Fletcher – letterer

5. illustration by Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

6. “The Green”
Patrick Meaney – writer
Eric Zawadzki – artist

7. “Casino Nation, part 3″
Joshua Dysart & Kelly Bruce – writers
Allen Gladfelter – artist

8. illustration by Salgood Sam

9. “Obey” by Kevin Colden

10. cartoons by Matt Bors

11. illustration by Jerem Morrow

12. “Buster Brown At The Barricades, parts 4 & 5″
Alan Moore – writer
edited by Hannah Means-Shannon

13. “Follow The Cards”
Swifty Lang – writer
Frank Reynoso – artist

14. “How To Be Happy” by Shannon Wheeler

15. illustration by Eric Drooker

16. illustration by Molly Crabapple

Production Artist: Vincent Kukua

Organized by Matt Pizzolo, Aaron Colter, Steve Niles

Reviews for Occupy Comics: LCS Edition #1:

“Fuck this comic for being so good.”
Comics Bulletin (Jamil Scalese, Danny Djeljosevic)

“There’s an energy to it, a life to it, it doesn’t feel like you just bought a missive from a zealot or a manifesto from a mercenary. It feels real and it feels hopeful, it allows you to feel and it doesn’t do your thinking for you. It’s a comic unlike any other comic you’ll find in the shop, for now…”
Bleeding Cool (Louis Falcetti)

“I would recommend this as a whole for people interested in what this movement really looks like. Ninety percent of all media is owned by six major corporations with some major agendas for growing that market share. Objectivity or insight on a movement that threatens their very existence isn’t something you can count on. Occupy Comics #1 engages and invites discourse. Give it a shot.” 4.5 out of 5
Comic Booked (David Gillette)

“There’s a lot to chew on here, and I’d recommend it to anyone wishing to explore beyond the standard four-color world of heroes and villains – the lines aren’t always so clean cut, and it’s really encouraging to read a comic that engages readers in a conversation, and makes them think, rather than simply entertaining.”
MTV Geek (Patrick A. Reed)

“All in all, issue #1 makes an unforgettable statement from the comics community that doing something to create a message and spreading it is preferable to simply standing on the side-lines and considering the pros and cons of protest movements. To have contributors coming out in the flesh to show their visible support only strengthened the message on opening day for Occupy Comics #1 at FPNYC, that comics are an appropriate medium to respond to social need, and may even be one of the best suited to reach a discerning public.”
Bleeding Cool News (Hannah Means-Shannon)

PICK OF THE WEEK “This is a perfect marriage of comics and politics. How could it not be this week’s pick?… Thought-provoking and entertaining and shockingly non-partisan”
Graphic Policy (Brett Schenker)

“A production this unique and important doesn’t come around that often, much like Occupy itself, and within the pages of Occupy Comics we are treated to a wide variety of thought provoking, poignant, informative and beautiful expressions of talented individuals all asking for equality and more kindness in the world.”
Alpha Comics (Rob Neil Gruszecki)

“Taking the time to write anything about this comic at all should be for no other reason than to say ‘Help support those who are fighting for equality by spreading the word that corporate media will not spread.’” 9 out of 10
Read Comic Books (Tommy Lutz)

“Regardless how you feel about the Occupy Movement, you’ll find worthwhile stuff in this comic… great art, interesting history.”
IGN (Benjamin Bailey)

“It’s a little bit preaching to the choir, but it’s also a very useful exercise in fact-finding and making an emotional, visceral connection through art. And though this is a ‘comic book’, the versatility of the medium is on display as no two pieces share the same format.”
Multiversity (Vince Ostrowski)

PICK OF THE WEEK “There was no way that this title was not going to top the list for us this week… Composed by some of the most talented and influential creators in the industry, from Art Spiegelman to Alan Moore, this anthology embraces the seemingly impossible task of conveying what the Occupy movement meant to its participants… Occupy Comics wages war on your expectations… you expect to be insulated from its intended message, but the razor-sharp delivery of focused bursts from some of the best creative minds in the industry make that impossible.”
Capeless Crusader (Josh Epstein)

Occupy Comics #1 cover by Mike Allred

Issue 1 Street Date: May 22, 2013
[Diamond code: MAR130907]

Occupy Comics #2 cover by Riley Rossmo

Issue 2 Street Date: June 19, 2013
[Diamond code: APR130920]

Occupy Comics #3 cover by Charlie Adlard

Issue 3 Street Date: August 28, 2013


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