The Wonderful World of Doomsday graphics and Shaved Women

The Wonderful World of Doomsday graphics and Shaved Women

An A4 collection of artwork from Nenad who does the dark H.R. Gigeresque Extinction of Mankind style of artwork and Andrea who does full colour J.Yates style photomontage. A well produced first production from Louarn Kounnaret Releases.

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From the publishers website;


Although the book was published in March 2005. almost a year before I'm writing this news page, I consider that publishing this book was, and is, the biggest thing that happened to me this year, and the biggest thing that happened with Doomsday Graphics till now, in general.
So, let's start this chapter with the story about the book!

March, 2005.
Ok, after two months of selecting the material and organizing pages, we have finally menaged to put it all together and after short process of printing, we had a book in our hands!
But, story of the book begun few months earlier, when our friend from France, Oui Oui, visited us and made an unbelievable proposition to me and 
Andrea(Shaved Women) to publish the book with our artwork as the first project of his brand new DIY label called Louarn Kounnaret. I was more than surprised since I wanted to have my own book one day, but that wish of mine I've been having for many years was impossible to realise due the constant lack of money, and probably my own laziness. I was also very happy because art books are pretty rare in our DIY community, somehow, they always come after the music and other "more important things" on hardcore/punk scene, and it is also not usual that some DIY label support punk artist in this way, especially if that artist comes from the fucked up place like Serbia.
So, Oui Oui, my friend, thank you for all this so much!
To review "The Wonderful World Of Doomsday Graphics And Shaved Women" book, in few words, it is an 80 pages(25 full color) book of dark, apocalyptic artwork with strong political message that covers complete period of Doomsday Graphics, since early days till present time and many different tehniques that have been used. Couple of last pages are reserved for Shaved Women, where Andrea deliver her raw collages artwork which is pure anarcho punk critic of today's modern society! 
Printed in 700 copies.
The price of the book is 10 euros, so get it on time, because in a few years you will buy it on eBay for ten times more
(he, he , he!).


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