Herbalists without borders Calendar 2021

Herbalists without borders Calendar 2021

Beautiful A3 calendar fundraising for Herbalists without Borders

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"This is the third fundraising calendar for Herbalists without Borders Bristol, and this year we are focusing on herb gardening. Our community allotment has been going for the last 7 years, and for the last three years we’ve been harvesting the herbs to make herbal medicines for Herbalists without Borders Bristol. Along the way we have learnt a lot and we want to share the joy of herb gardening with you so that you can also grow and use herbs, especially those herbs that are not common or are endangered in the wild.

For each month we have included a list of tasks to be done in the garden, a beautiful picture of a chosen herb, some medicinal information on that herb and a recipe. Inside you will find tips on how to grow herbs, how to plan a herb garden, easy herbs to grow and thoughts on why gardening is so good for your health. We have also written about some important subjects close to our heart, including subjects such as ‘decolonising’ herbal medicine, cultural appropriation, sustainability and creating wildlife havens.

We were able to fund the majority of our projects work through the sales of our calendars, so we greatly appreciate your generosity and support. x"

The calendar is A4 landscape which open out to A3 portrait.


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