Datacide *11

Datacide *11

Noise & Politics  - heterogenous theory for the invisible insurrection of a million minds - all in one magazine!

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Features: “Hedonism and Revolution: The Barricade and the Dancefloor”; “Dope smuggling, LSD manufacture, organized crime & the law in 1960s London”; “Shaking the Foundations: Reggae soundsystem meets ‘Big Ben British values’ downtown”; “Tortugan tower blocks? Pirate signals from the margins”; “Dancing before the police come”; “From Subculture to Hegemony: Transversal Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk and Industrial”; “From Conspiracy Theories to Attempted Assassinations: The American Radical Right and the Rise of the Tea Party Movement”; “How to start with the subject. Notes on Burroughs and the ‘combination of all forms of struggle’”. Fiction: “Sonic Fictions” by Riccardo Balli; “Digital Disease” by Dan Hekate; “Infra-Noir. 23 Untitled Poems” by Howard Slater; “Office Work” by Matthew Fuller. Also: “Beat Blasted Planet. An interview with Steve Goodman on ‘Sonic Warfare’” by Matthew Fuller and Steve Goodman; “Free Parties” by Terra Audio; “This is the end… the official ending” by Gorki Plubakter. Plus political news, record reviews, charts and the lives and times of Bloor Schleppy.


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