Strike! Magazine *4 Autumn 2013

Strike! Magazine *4 Autumn 2013

The Revolver Issue

The revolution will be a carnival – featuring: Federico Campagna – Nina Power – Marina Sitrin – The Lolz – Trenton Oldfield – Anarchist Hairdressing – John McDonnell MP – Ewa Jasiewicz – Adam Ramsay – Positive Money – David Shillinglaw – Anthony Freda – Peter Kennard – Robert Montgomery


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“Twenty-volume folios will never make a revolution. It’s the little pocket pamphlets that are to be feared.” – Voltaire.


STRIKE! is a radical, quarterly newspaper – we deal in politics, philosophy, art, subversion and sedition. Each issue we gather together a group of high-grade artists and authors, give them a theme, and let them get creative with it. It’s a magazine, it’s a journal, it’s a carnival.

STRIKE! is an independent publication. We will never sell any content or advertising, and we will always be strictly not-for-profit. It’s a quid, that’s it.

STRIKE! is painstakingly put together. It’s a high quality rag, by anyone’s standards.

Description of Strike!, yelled at an unsuspecting public by poet Niall McDevitt whilst street-selling in Frome, Somerset, UK:

“Ladies and gentleman, fraters and sorers, the only magazine interesting enough to have a molotov cocktail on the cover. You can tell it’s well-intentioned. This is not the Daily Mail. This is not available in WH Smiths. The most interesting quid you could possibly spend this morning. Art-activism, eco-anarchism, subversion and sedition – this is not a publication for the smug, the dull, the priggish, the jaded. It will blow your coffee-table to smithereens. One pound the molotov cocktails, molotov cocktails one pound!”


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