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Critique’s failure does not usually derive from peoples’ inability to see the misery around them; work, unemployment, war, hunger, racism, toxic waste, sexism, drowning refugees, homophobia, stress, to name but a few. Everybody knows and almost everybody resents these facts. However, as quickly as most people offer pity, they offer wrong explanations why these facts keep surfacing in the “most human of all societies”.

We claim that modern misery ultimately is the result of capitalism and the nation state. The purpose of this journal is to prove this claim by explaining manifestations such as those listed above. The ideological conclusions people draw from this world make matters worse. We therefore criticise especially those theories that blur or even idealise the conditions we are forced to live under – whatever the well-meaning intentions behind them. In other words, with this journal we aim to criticise those conditions which ensure that wine and cheese are not available to everyone and to criticise everyone who justifies this.

Since we refer to Marx quite a bit, a few clarifications. Capitalism does not vanish by itself. Its crises are nothing but crises of its valorisation. On the other hand, the fact that it causes people harm is an inevitable part of its package in crisis and in boom. Modern democracies, where politicians generally care about nothing except the well-being of the country, are the adequate form of government for the capitalist mode of production. The emancipation of politics from individual capitalist enterprises is a necessary condition for the existence of general capitalist relations. Nation states are not capitalist players on the market – they rather make markets possible.

We have found not much help for making sense of this society in sociological Marxism with all its classes, strata and social groups, with its “power relations” and “objectively progressive interests”, which allegedly give rise to the right strategy. We do not follow the wide-spread “realism” which consists of doing stuff one does not want and to not talk about the stuff one actually does want. The lesser of two evils is still an evil. We do not want to be somehow successful, but rather do we want a particular critique to succeed.

We do not understand the Soviet Union as “state capitalism” nor do we think the “experiment” unfortunately deviated from and betrayed its true course after a few years. We do not follow the cult of the working class nor any other Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist nonsense. We do not believe that insight follows from one’s social position in a positive (Autonomia) or negative (Marxism-Leninism) way. Arguments do not have a standpoint, they are either correct or wrong, insufficient, incomplete. Declarations of love towards the workers, “the people” and “the little man” are absent from our texts since this prevents a proper critique of their wrong consciousness. But this critique is necessary because we need them in order for anything to change. The kind of anti-capitalism, which suspects evil parasites behind everything and conspiracies everywhere, will not be found in our texts; however, arguments against this rubbish will be.

Though our published results and conclusions might be misinterpreted as dogmatic we do not claim at all to have monopolised the truth. On the contrary: this journal is an invitation to critique. Every verdict based on scientific criticism we welcome.

We are not in the business of being the vanguard of the working class nor are we self-sufficient intellectuals writing about Marx behind closed doors. We want to criticise, discuss, engage, argue.

If you want to discuss our articles, offer critique, ask questions or want to be informed about our upcoming public meetings get in touch at,


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