Upping the Anti *14

Upping the Anti *14

The latest issue of this journal of action and theory, produced by a non-sectarian group of anticapitalist activists in Toronto, Canada.

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The latest issue of this journal of action and theory, produced by a non-sectarian group of anticapitalist activists in Toronto, Canada.

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Notes on Spontaneity and Organization
Elise Thorburn, Adrie Naylor, and Robyn Letson


Toward a Critical Trans Politics: An Interview with Dean Spade
Rob Nichols
Occupying Then and Now: An Interview with Josh MacPhee and Laura Whitehorn
Susie Day


Resistance, Reform, Revolution: Revisiting the Terms of Debate
Ross Wolfe
Take it Back and Keep it: Strikes, Autonomy, and Legacy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico
Andalusia Knoll


Squarely in the Red: Dispatches from the 2012 Quebec Student Strike
Elise Thorburn
Organizing Against the G20 in Toronto: Interview with the Co-Accused
Tom Keefer and Sharmeen Khan


Not a Bunker But an Act

Illan Pappe

Neil Balan

Radical Discipline

Gabriel Kuhn

Joshua Stephens


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